Are there penalties for not paying a GeBIZ Trading Partner (GTP) Account?
Besides the subscription fee, are there any other charges for using GeBIZ e.g. to download tender documents or to take part in Invitation-to-Quote?
Can any smart card be used to log in to GeBIZ Partner?
Can I contact GeBIZ via email?
Can I pay for only selected GeBIZ Trading Partner (GTP) User Accounts?
Can I reactivate my GeBIZ Trading Partner (GTP) User Account by paying after my account is deactivated?
Can I view the payment status of my GeBIZ bill?
Can the smart card reader for the Netrust smart card be shared among my colleagues?
Do foreign suppliers need to register for Expenditure and Procurement Policies Unit (EPPU) heads as well?
Do I need a second card reader if I already have one?
How can I indicate my company's choice of login, between either SingPass or Netrust?
How can I login to GeBIZ Partner with my GeBIZ ID?
How can I pay my GeBIZ fees?
How can suppliers register as GeBiz Trading Partners (GTPs)?
How do I apply to become a GeBIZ Trading Partner?
How do I register as a Singapore government supplier?
How do I register as an EPPU supplier?
How long does it take for overseas suppliers to receive their password mailers after they have registered as GeBIZ Trading Partners?
How often will I have to pay GeBIZ charges?
I didn't used to have to pay for GeBIZ services. Why am I being charged now?
If my business has registered with Building and Construction Authority (BCA) for the construction head, must we register with Expenditure and Procurement Policies Unit (EPPU) as well?
Is any special software required to use the Netrust smart card for making GeBIZ transactions?
The company representative assigned with the Netrust smart card has recently resigned from my company. What should I do?
What are the advantages of registering as an Expenditure and Procurement Policies Unit (EPPU) Supplier?
What are the benefits of registering as a GeBIZ Trading Partner (GTP)?
What are the billing procedures in GeBIZ?
What are the costs to be borne by a Trading Partner for use of GeBIZ?
What are the criteria suppliers must meet to register with the Expenditure and Procurement Policies Unit (EPPU)?
What are the differences between between SingPass and Netrust login to GeBIZ Partner?
What are the Expenditure and Procurement Policies Unit's (EPPU) official working hours?
What are the guidelines to register with the Expenditure and Procurement Policies Unit (EPPU) as a government supplier?
What are the processing fees for registration as a Government supplier?
What does a supplier need to do in order to register with GeBIZ?
What if I do not pay the GeBIZ bill by the due date?
What information/documents are required to file an application through Electronic Registration Supplier (ESR)?
What is GeBIZ Partner?
What is the highest Financial Grade/Limit to be granted for a sole proprietorship or partnership?
What is the minimum hardware and software requirement for GeBIZ Partner?
What is the subscription fee for a GeBIZ Trading Partner (GTP) account?
What is the time taken for an Expenditure and Procurement Policies Unit (EPPU) application to be approved?
What should I do if any authorised representative terminates his/her services with my company?
What should I do if I need to nominate new representatives for my company?
What should I do if I wish to update my company information?
When did the charging of subscription fee for GeBIZ take effect?
When do I need a SingPass for government procurement?
When will the Trading Partners receive the electronic Purchase Orders (POs) after they have been issued?
Where is the GeBIZ Service Centre located?
Where should I go to collect the Netrust Package?
Who can I contact if I need to reset my SingPass?
Who is eligible to apply for GeBIZ ID accounts to login to GeBIZ Partner?
Will GeBIZ Trading Partners (GTPs) enjoy a discount in subsequent years, when they renew their subscription?
Will I get a refund if I delete/cancel my GeBIZ Trading Partner (GTP) Account before the subscription is due?
Will I receive a hardcopy bill from GeBIZ?
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